All the services supplied by Cartarredo Se.Ma. comply with all environmental protection regulations

through the use of materials compatible with the environment and using highly qualified control systems of the entire production system, with the aim of ensuring and producing qualified and cutting-edge services.

Thanks to its reliability and the use of highly qualified technologies, the company has always been aligned with the times, adopting optimal and practical solutions for end users who, to date, have always been satisfied.

Our ideas at your service

It is our goal to respect and protect the environment.


Always focused to customer needs, our company operates with the most advanced technologies in total synergy with the customer


We operate in compliance with the environment protecting it, in line with our ethics that has always distinguished us.


We coordinate with our suppliers in order to offer to our customer the best service and product ever.

Experience, professionalism and convenience.

One of the advantages that distinguishes us from the start of our company is the full satisfaction of the end user thanks to the support of each individual competence, of each member of the team that ensure top quality products to  our customers at a good quality / price ratio.